CEE Advisory Council

The Princeton CEE Advisory Council consists of experts and leaders in the field, including representation from all sectors of the profession. The Advisory Council provides input and guidance to the department, leading to strategic advancements in education and research. The Chair of the Advisory Council has the role of seeking consensus among the council members and summarizing messages to the President and others in the upper administration. 

In Memoriam

Charles E. Kolb *71 (PhD, Chemistry). Chuck Kolb (1945 - 2020) was the president and chief executive officer of Aerodyne Research, Inc. He was the Chair of the CEE Advisory Council since 2000. For twenty years, he provided insightful guidance and strategic leadership. We miss him and his valued contributions.


Advisory Council Chair

John D. Albertson
Advisory Council Chair
Professor and Croll Sesquicentennial Fellow
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

Advisory Council Members

Pedro J. Alvarez
George R. Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Rice University
Harvey M. Bernstein, *68 Civil & Geological Engineering
Harvey M. Bernstein Consulting
Florence Hudson, '80 MAE
Special Advisor Next Generation Internet
Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub at Columbia University
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
Distinguished Professor, Henry Samueli Endowed Chair in Engineering
Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine (UCI)
Kevin Long, '00 *06 CEE
Principal Consultant
Terraphase Engineering Inc.
Raghuveer K. Vinukollu, *11 CEE
SVP, Natural Catastrophe Solutions Lead
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
Cecily King, '10 CEE
Real Estate Development & Consulting
Kipling Development
Sharon L. Walker
Dean of the College of Engineering
Drexel University
Lori Graham-Brady, *96 CEE
Chair and Professor, Civil and Systems Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
Junu Shrestha, *07 CEE
Senior Environmental Specialist
The World Bank
Ida Posner, '12 CEE
VP,Strategic Planning
Railroad Development Corporation
Bill Baker
Structural Engineering Partner
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Jennifer Anna Pazdon, *09 CEE
Vice President