Message from the Chair

Dr. CATHERINE PETERS is the George J. Magee Professor of Geosciences and Geological Engineering, chair of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and director of the undergraduate Geological Engineering Program at Princeton UniversitySince 2017 she has led her department through transformative growth, with key faculty hires, multidisciplinary research collaborations, and educational initiatives on the water-climate nexus, future cities, robotics for advanced mechanics, and environmental biotechnology. She teaches courses in environmental chemistry, energy and the environment, and sustainable design.

Civil and environmental engineers are called upon to solve the world’s most important and challenging problems, and we do so by devising clever technological advancements that balance human needs with earth’s resources.

It is civil and environmental engineers who design the cities of the future and ensure safe and resilient infrastructure. It is civil and environmental engineers who protect the earth’s environment while providing humanity with fresh water resources. It is civil and environmental engineers who determine how humans will live on this planet as climate change increases the severity of natural hazards and threatens the livability of the built environment.

At Princeton, CEE students are deeply educated in engineering science and the principles of engineering design, through a curriculum that includes opportunities for research and international work and travel. Our students develop the confidence and skills to collaborate and address complex global engineering challenges. Our faculty are agents for change, who think creatively about research and education, and are recognized as leaders in their fields.

In CEE at Princeton, we foster an inclusive culture that welcomes broad thinking and participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds. We welcome to CEE the most talented and dedicated students who have a commitment to strive for excellence and a vision of innovation in the service of humanity.


Prof. Catherine A. Peters

Catherine Peters
George J. Magee Professor of Geosciences and Geological Engineering
Chair and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Program in Geological Engineering