Graduate students work in professor Claire White's lab


CEE at Princeton is a small, dynamic department that provides exciting research opportunities, strong classroom education, and an intellectually rich university environment.


Two graduate students fit together parts of a laser setup in the Zondlo lab


graduate students
Circular web showing network of collaborators with Princeton CEE

Dozens of collaborative partners

Graduate students in CEE work closely with their faculty advisors in a creative and productive environment. Through design, modeling, laboratory, and field research, students focus on the most important scientific and technical challenges that society faces. They lead papers in top journals with rigorous and quantitative analyses, and present their work at major conferences. They are educated deeply in their areas of expertise but also broadly through our campus-wide collaborations that take full advantage of the opportunities at Princeton University. Our students are highly sought after and well prepared for careers in academia, national labs and industry.



Peter Jaffe collects soil samples with two female graduate students


publish as first author in major journals
A graduate student in a red canoe pulls water from a lake for sampling


go on to academic careers