CEE Graduate Student Edvard Bruun has been awarded a Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship
April 24, 2023

We are pleased to announce that CEE Graduate student Edvard Bruun is awarded a Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship for the 2023-24 academic year. Established in 1912 in memory of Charlotte Elizabeth Procter by her son, this fellowship acknowledges Edvard's distinguished work in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Chiara Smorada Awarded 2023 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
April 19, 2023

The department is pleased to announce that Chiara Smorada, a G2 Ph.D. student advised by Professor Peter Jaffé was awarded the 2023 National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship which offers three years of support.

The NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) offers fellowships to applicants selected through a…

CEE researchers publish on Nature Climate Change
April 19, 2023

CEE faculty Ning Lin, postdoct Dazhi Xi, and graduate student Avatika Gori publish a paper on Nature Climate Change, which projects an increase in back-to-back hurricanes in the future along the US Atlantic and Gulf coasts, calling for the development of coastal resilience. The paper is acompanied by a Research Briefing in Nature Climate Change…

Class Close-Up: Students in ‘Origami Engineering’ Connect Art and Science
March 2, 2023

The word origami likely conjures up thoughts of ancient Chinese or Japanese masters carefully folding paper for use in religious rituals or to create delicate art. Or maybe you think of a classroom full of small children making simple cranes or frogs.

But Glaucio Paulino, a civil and environmental engineering professor, can list many…

Art was folded with tech at the Origami Engineering show
March 2, 2023

Students unfolded creations from expandable boats to simulated muscles at the first annual Origami Engineering Trade Show. The event, organized by Professor Glaucio Paulino and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, showcases ways that engineers can apply the ancient art of folding to modern challenges.

“Origami always…

Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe, hydrologist who forged a new science linking water to ecosystems, dies at 80
Oct. 27, 2022

Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe, who traced the underlying patterns of river networks and explored the interaction of water and the environment as a founder of the discipline of ecohydrology, died Sept. 28 in Venezuela. He was 80.

Rodríguez-Iturbe, the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of

Lucia Stein-Montalvo awarded 2022-2023 Mistletoe Research Fellowship
Oct. 25, 2022

CEE postdoc Lucia Stein-Montalvo has been selected as a 2022-2023 Mistletoe Research Fellow (MRF) by the Momental Foundation, which aims to "build bridges between the academic, entrepreneurial, and civil communities to create a more human-centered and sustainable future through technology.” 

The MRF provides an Unfettered…

Civil and materials engineer Glaucio Paulino awarded ASME’s Melville Medal
Oct. 10, 2022

Glaucio Paulino, Princeton’s Margareta Engman Augustine Professor of Engineering, is a recipient of the 2022 Melville Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the society’s highest honor…

Avantika Gori Receives the 2022 Natural Hazards Section Award for Graduate Research
Oct. 5, 2022

Our graduate student Avantika Gori has been selected to receive the 2022 Natural Hazards Section Award for Graduate Research. Congratulations.