Wednesday, Sep 18, 2019
by John Sullivan
CEE Professor Peter Jaffe and Associate Research Scholar Dr. Shan Huang have discovered that a common soil bacterium, Acidimicrobium A6, has the ability to break down PFAS chemicals -- the most recalcitrant class of chemicals and the most persistent pollutants. Their findings were published in ES&T this month.
Monday, Sep 16, 2019
by Steven Schultz
As a microcosm of the challenges facing coastal cities around the world, New York’s Jamaica Bay pretty much has it all.
Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019
by Molly Sharlach, Office of Engineering Communications
In summer heat, cities may swelter more than nearby suburbs and rural areas. And while the size of this urban heat island effect varies widely among the world’s cities, heat island intensity can largely be explained by a city’s population and precipitation level, researchers reported in a paper published Sept. 4 in the journal Nature.
Friday, Aug 23, 2019
by Jen Miller
A 100-year flood is supposed to be just that: a flood that occurs once every 100 years, or a flood that has a one-percent chance of happening every year.
Monday, Aug 19, 2019
by Jane Soohoo
Vivek Kumar, a member of the SHMlab, has been awarded the Best Poster Award - Third Place at the 9th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure, held from August 4-7, 2019, in St. Louis, MO.
Wednesday, Aug 7, 2019
by Molly Seltzer
A team of Princeton University researchers has found that, in one of the biggest gas-producing regions, most of these emissions come from a tiny subset of the wells, a finding with major implications for how to control the problem.
Friday, Jun 21, 2019
by Jane Soohoo
A collaboration project between the Princeton University Environmental Fluid Mechanics lab and AZPML Architects, "Cityreader" makes use of mobile urban sensing technologies to collect high spatio-temporal urban environmental data affordably and efficiently.
Thursday, Jun 20, 2019
by Pooja Makhijani
Anu Ramaswami, an interdisciplinary environmental engineer who is recognized as a pioneer and leader on the topic of sustainable urban systems, has been named Prof. of India Studies, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Princeton Environmental Institute, and the inaugural director of the M.S. Chadha Center for Global India.
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
by Amelia Herb
Italian Renaissance frescos of the gods and goddesses of air, water, fire and earth enliven the ceiling and four walls of the Room of the Elements in Florence’s famed Palazzo Vecchio, but without structural engineers’ work to preserve such historic buildings, the world could eventually lose these masterpieces.
Monday, May 13, 2019
by Jane Soohoo
The department is proud to announce that Graduate Student Yanhong Bian won the graduate/postdoc Gold Poster Award at Princeton Research Day held on Thursday, May 9, 2019. She won for her presentation titled "Nutrients Removal and Recovery in Wastewater by Using Electrochemical Technology".


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