CEE Grad Student Receives an Excellence in Teaching Award

Sunday, Dec 10, 2006
Katherine MeierdiercksCongratulations are in order for Katherine Meierdiercks, CEE Graduate Student, who received an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Princeton University Engineering Council for her outstanding work as an AI.

In an effort to enhance the quality of education at Princeton, Engineering undergraduates initiated the "Excellence in Teaching" Awards in the fall of 1988.  The purpose of the awards is to promote excellence in teaching by recognizing professors and teaching assistants committed to student education.  Any professor or teaching assistant instructing an undergraduate engineering, mathematics, or physics course is eligible to receive an award for dedication and commitment to student learning that surpasses the norm.  Nominees are evaluated according to their ability to present the course material in a clear and effective manner, responsiveness to student needs, a concern for student learning, and innovative and creative teaching methods.  The number of awards granted in a given semester to members of each department is not predetermined.  Since the awards are granted on behalf of particular classes to their professors, an individual may receive multiple awards.  Each award reflects the appreciation of a specific group of students.

Katherine was honored at the award ceremony on December 8.