Princeton collaborators bring layered approach to coastal resiliency in New York City

Monday, Sep 16, 2019
by Steven Schultz

Research groups of Ning Lin (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Guy Nordenson (School of Architecture) and Michael Oppenheimer (Woodrow Wilson School) have developed new cross-disciplinary approaches to improve the resilience of New York and other coastal cities. The Princeton team recently published a 170-page report that details existing conditions, analyzes climate and sea-level trends, and proposes solutions to protect Jamaica Bay’s neighborhoods, infrastructure and ecology. A key element of the work is combining state-of-the-art hurricane hazards and climate projections with innovative designs to address practical questions that affect cities. The work is part of a larger effort in New York and beyond. Lin, Nordenson and Oppenheimer are longstanding members of the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC), a group established by the city in 2008 that released its fourth major study in March 2019. By studying and applying solutions in New York, the Princeton team seeks to build a broader methodology for protecting coastal cities.

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