Special Session at Interpore Conference to Honor Professor Michael Celia

Aug. 14, 2015

A special session to honor the career of Professor Michael Celia was held at the 2015 Conference of the International Society of Porous media (Interpore) held in Padova, Italy, in May 2015.  The session is part of the Lifetime Honorary Membership Award given to Professor Celia.  Speakers in the session included Professor Celia’s first Princeton PhD graduate, Philip Binning *95, who is currently a Professor at the Danish Institute of Technology; Sarah Gasda *05, who is now at the University of Bergen; and Mary Kang *14, who is Professor Celia’s most recent PhD graduate and is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University.  These and other speakers are shown in the photo.

Photo: Speakers in the special session along with session organizer Jan Nordbotten.