Technique inspired lace-making could someday weave structures space

Written by
Rachell Nuwer
June 1, 2021

Lauren Dreier was paging through a 19th century book by the German architect Gottfried Semper when she spotted some intriguing patterns inspired by lace. A professional artist and designer who often incorporates technology into her work, Dreier, who is also a doctoral candidate at the School of Architecture at Princeton University, decided to recreate the printed illustrations in 3D.

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Besides Adriaenssens, Dreier and Yu, co-authors include Stefana Parascho, of the Princeton School of Architecture; Stefano Gabriele, of Roma Tre University; Francesco Marmo, of the University of Naples Federico II. Support for the project was provided in part by the Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Project X Fund and The Council for International Teaching and Research.