Sustainable, Resilient Cities and Infrastructure Systems
Unprecedented urbanization is impacting people and the planet from local to global scales. Multi-infrastructure systems-thinking and design innovations led by civil and environmental engineers are central to developing resilient, sustainable, healthy, livable and equitable urban futures.
Water, Climate and Energy

Water resources lie at the center of this century’s most urgent environmental challenges. At the same time, energy production and supply will continue to drive anthropogenic climate change, exacerbating the risks of water shortages, floods, vector-borne diseases and disrupted food production. To ensure reliable and safe water resources for a…

Mechanics, Materials and Structures
Civil engineers lead design innovations for buildings, bridges and roads, which are critical elements of human settlements. Research discoveries in mechanics, materials and structures lay the foundations for innovation in infrastructure and the built environment.
Hydrology and the Atmospheric Environment
A water molecule can travel long distances in its hydrologic cycle, from the top of the stratosphere to the depths of the oceans. Understanding how hydrologic and atmospheric processes interact to shape our environment remains a core challenge for environmental engineers.
Chemistry, Biology and Technology
Chemical and biological processes govern the transformation of molecular matter in the environment, controlling the cycling of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, as well as hazardous metals and pollutants. All of these processes in the context of a changing climate increase the vulnerability of biodiversity, food security, human health and water quality.
Architecture, Arts and Archaeology
In both engineering and the arts, one creates something new. Engineers push the boundaries using theory, computation and experimentation. Artists push the boundaries using provocation, challenge, reframing and revelation. Together they find new ways to improve our world and the human condition.