Chemistry, Biology and Technology

Two graduate students collect samples from a river bed

Graduate students advised by Peter Jaffe collect samples from a river in North Carolina, following the disturbances of Hurricane Florence.

Above: Graduate students advised by Peter Jaffe collect samples from a river in North Carolina, following the disturbances of Hurricane Florence.

Chemical and biological processes govern the transformation of molecular matter in the environment, controlling the cycling of essential elements including carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, as well as hazardous metals and pollutants. In water, strong biogeochemical gradients can powerfully alter chemical reactions and fluxes. In the atmosphere, solar radiation drives molecular transformation, sometimes mitigating the hazard and sometimes exacerbating it. All of these processes in the context of a changing climate increase the vulnerability of biodiversity, food security, human health and water quality.

Faculty in this department are making important discoveries of the drivers of environmental biogeochemical processes enabling advanced novel technologies to treat contaminated waters. We run large labs designed for invention and development of novel sensing devices. We are involved in large field data campaigns for monitoring water quality, soil contamination, atmospheric pollution and greenhouses gases. We run molecular-scale simulations of pollutant reactions and mass transport in water, soils and sediments. We create novel technologies to harness energy and nutrient recovery from waste streams. We come up with novel strategies for sequestering greenhouse gases deep underground.



Joshua Atkinson

Bioelectronics, synthetic biology, microbiology, electrochemistry, cell-material interfaces, biophysics, environmental sensing 

Ian Bourg

Water at Interfaces, Clay Minerals, Nanogeochemistry, Groundwater Hydrology

Peter Jaffé

Feammox; Fate/Transport of Pollutants; Biotransformation of Organics/Metals; PFAS Defluorination; Waste Treatment.

Ryan Kingsbury

Membranes, Electrochemistry, Ion Selective Materials, Environmental Technologies, Waste Treatment, Resource Recovery

Denise Mauzerall

Energy/air quality/water/climate nexus; Impacts of energy choices; Atmospheric chemistry modeling

Catherine Peters

Environmental Geochemistry, Subsurface Engineering, Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide, Water Quality, X-Ray Spectroscopic Imaging

Amilcare Porporato

Ecohydrology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics

Zhiyong Jason Ren

Water-Energy Nexus; Environmental Technologies; Waste Treatment; Resource Recovery; Microbial Electrochemistry

Mark Zondlo

Atmospheric Chemistry and Composition Group